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CBD Boost Drink Powder


Our CBD Boost powder is our only ingestible product that contains nano-enhanced Broad Spectrum CBD. This form of CBD has been reduced to nano-sized particles in order to increase absorption and bioavailability. A 1mg dose of our boost powder is equivalent to a 5-10 mg dose of an oil-based product. This tasteless powder also contains USDA organic blue agave inulin powder, a pre-biotic high in natural fiber. CBD in combination with agave inulin creates a great product for improved digestive health!


  • Nano-enhanced CBD resulting in nearly 100% bioavailability
  • Tasteless Additive to Hot or Blended Beverages
  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO
  • Guaranteed THC Free
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested for Potency
  • No Pesticides, Herbicides, or Heavy Metals

How to Use

Pour suggested serving size or desired amount into 8-12 oz of a hot or blended beverage. Stir/shake well. Can be used in hot beverages, smoothies, and food. 


Organic Blue Agave Inulin Powder, Food Starch-Modified (Tapioca), Micro-Encapsulated Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Acacia Fiber

What Is It Good For?

  • Improves Mood and Enhances Productivity
  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Aids in Workout Recovery

4 reviews for CBD Boost Drink Powder

I love this powder. Caffeine makes me shaky and jittery. So when I need that afternoon pick-me-up, I look for something just as effective as caffeine but not as strong. That’s where this powder comes in.

Gives you the perfect boost of energy but won’t leave you with the shakes and won’t keep you up at night. Energy without the side effects.

(verified owner)

Such a great product! Way more effective than tinctures I’ve used from other brands like Beam. Right after I tried this powder, I ordered my dad a jar to help with his surgery recovery – he’s been loving it too! 10/10 would recommend.

(verified owner)

This stuff is the bees knees! I’ve tried the cbd teas before and they’re delicious. I had to order the powder to try it too. It’s amazing and works very well. I put it in just about everything I drink and I even got my mom turned on to it too! I couldn’t recommend it more.

(verified owner)

10/10! This is a wonderful powder to mix in any drink! I enjoy mine with my coffee to start the day with a boost. Does wonders for stomach!!

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