CBD-Infused Iced Tea (12-Pack)


Limit to one flavor per case. Price does not include MD 6% Sales Tax. Payments can be made online via payment link for curbside pick-up.

Flavor Options:

Apple Tea | Lightly Sweetened Iced Tea | Peach Tea | Unsweetened Iced Tea

Size/Concentration: 16 oz/ 10 mg CBD per bottle

Experience the delicious taste of real brewed black tea infused with the highest quality, nano-enhanced broad spectrum CBD. Our tea leaves are organically grown then handpicked in the lush green tea estates of Darjeeling and Assam, known as the “tea districts” in India. Leaves are steeped (just as you would in your own home) then infused with 100% organic water soluble CBD plus the perfect blend of natural flavors and pure cane sugar. Enjoy our refreshing beverage throughout the day for improved relaxation and overall well-being!


  • 10mg Nano-Enhanced CBD per 16oz bottle
  • 0% THC
  • 100% Natural Flavors
  • Freshly Brewed in Frederick, MD
  • No Preservatives Added
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Vegan/GF/Non-GMO
  • Contains Caffeine

What Does "Nano-Enhanced" CBD mean?

CBD in its natural state is an oil. Nano-enhanced CBD is still an oil, but it is broken down into “nano-sized” particles that allow for increased absorption and permeability into the bloodstream. Nano-enhanced CBD is considered to be “water-soluble”, and readily absorbed in the digestive tract, meaning higher bioavailability* than oil tinctures – and more potency for the same amount of CBD.

* Bioavailability: the amount of a substance that reaches circulation and can therefore be used by the body to produce a desired effect. Why’s it important? Bioavailability is important because we want to ensure that our customers are getting the most CBD out of what they are taking, and that it is not lost in digestion. If CBD is in an insoluble form, only about 10% of the ingested CBD actually enters the bloodstream to deliver health benefits while the remaining is reduced before entering circulation. This reduction means that there is a decrease in bioavailability and poor absorption.


[Apple Tea] 100% Pure Apple Juice made from fresh Apples, Black Tea, Micro-encapsulated Broad Spectrum CBD (Organic Acacia Fiber, Tapioca Starch, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract)

[Lightly Sweetened Iced Tea] Filtered Water, Black Tea, Pure Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Micro-encapsulated Broad Spectrum CBD (Organic Acacia Fiber, Tapioca Starch, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract)

[Peach Tea] Filtered Water, Black Tea, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Peach Flavor, Citric Acid, Nano-Enhanced Broad Spectrum CBD (Organic Acacia Fiber, Tapioca Starch, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract)

[Unsweet Iced Tea] Filtered Water, Black Tea, Citric Acid, Micro-encapsulated Broad Spectrum CBD (Organic Acacia Fiber, Tapioca Starch, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract)

Nutrition Facts

[Apple Tea]

[Lightly Sweetened Ice Tea]

[Peach Tea]

[Unsweet Iced Tea]

17 reviews for CBD-Infused Iced Tea (12-Pack)

These are amazing for anyone with any type of stomach issues! And they taste great!!

We love the peach flavor! We order a case every two weeks or so from our Frederick MD contact. We’ve tried them all however, peach is awesome! We absolutely hate running out so we make sure to stay stocked.

Best ever

SO good and high quality ingredients! I love this company!!

We absolutely love all of these teas. We try to keep them on hand all the time. I may or may not have bought out District East when this whole pandemic started….. don’t come at me if you went looking there 😉 I drink them and so do both of my daughters.

The unsweetened is delicious! The quality is stellar!
Thank you for such a lovely CBD tea!


I loved the tea before y’all added CBD and as soon as it was added I fell even more in love. I’m always nervous about headaches and migraines and caffeine often usually helps but sometimes I’d rather not just take pills. The deliciousness of the Apple/Peach Tea and the wonderful benefits of the CBD really helped me when I’d be at work and need a hand. I’m so glad it’s made!!

This is delicious and it helps with my daily headaches! Highly recommend it!

These teas have replaced my glass of wine at the end of the day, relaxing and good for what ails you- like a full deep breath in a bottle.

OMG this Apple Tea is amazing! It can be a hit or a miss when it comes to flavored tea, and these are great! Oh yeah, and CBD in something this tasty? Yes please!!

The best CBD tea! My favorite is peach but all of them are really good! Refreshing and calming. Great for a better night of sleep or for that stressful day become peaceful. I recommend all the time to my friends!!

This tea is the best! I love the Peach and the Slightly sweet! Just the right balance to feel de-stressed, but not too sleepy.

Delicious and excellent quality!! Very refreshing too!

These are, by far, my favorite teas!! I love the Peach tea! Thank you for making such an amazing product!!

These are absolutely amazing! All of the flavors are great, you can’t go wrong. Even with just a little glass of this during the day, I’m almost immediately more relaxed. Won a pack through a giveaway and already buying more because it’s so good!

I absolutely love the unsweetened iced tea. I treat myself to one every few weeks when I stop into the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. They are light and crisp with refreshing taste.

I have used the CBD iced tea over 2 months and I’ve noticed a noticeable difference in my esophagitis. It has been a chronic problem for over 5 years and I have not found any effective treatment or prescription prior to this. I began drinking the tea faithfully each day for two months and it has eliminated my pain in my esophagus and stomach. I love the peach flavor.

Size/Concentration: 16 fl. Oz / 10mg