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CBD Boost Drink Powder

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Our CBD Boost powder is our only ingestible product that contains nano-enhanced Broad Spectrum CBD. This form of CBD has been reduced to nano-sized particles in order to increase absorption and bioavailability. A 1mg dose of our boost powder is equivalent to a 5-10 mg dose of an oil-based product. This tasteless powder also contains USDA organic blue agave inulin powder, a pre-biotic high in natural fiber. CBD in combination with agave inulin creates a great product for improved digestive health!


  • Nano-enhanced CBD resulting in nearly 100% bioavailability
  • Tasteless Additive to Hot or Blended Beverages
  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO
  • Guaranteed THC Free
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested for Potency
  • No Pesticides, Herbicides, or Heavy Metals

How to Use

Pour suggested serving size or desired amount into 8-12 oz of a hot or blended beverage. Stir/shake well. Can be used in hot beverages, smoothies, and food. 


Organic Blue Agave Inulin Powder, Food Starch-Modified (Tapioca), Micro-Encapsulated Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Acacia Fiber

What Is It Good For?

  • Improves Mood and Enhances Productivity
  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Aids in Workout Recovery