Fall Essentials: Preparing for Cooler Weather with CBD

Fall can be a wonderful and exciting time to get back to those activities forgotten in the summer heat. A personal favorite of mine is hiking, and whether you choose to go solo or with a socially distanced group of friends, there are plenty of options nearby.

For those in the Frederick area I recommend making a trip up to Cunningham Falls, which has two trail types leading to beautiful waterfalls. Alternatively, Sugarloaf Mountain offers more trail options and incredible views over Frederick.

The start of autumn also means activities like apple picking and pumpkin patches, which can offer a fun new family adventure to break up the monotony of school and work.

But whether you’re hiking or exploring orchards, physical activity combined with the increasingly cooler weather can mean new found muscle soreness or stiff, aching joints. Sure, you can reach for that over the counter anti-inflammatory every few hours, but why not try a more natural solution to these common aches and pains?

Fall into fun, not pain.

CBD offers a host of benefits for our bodies, but one of its most impressive characteristics is its astounding ability to reduce pain and inflammation. The Relēf CBD Muscle Rescue is a fast-acting topical lotion made with broad-spectrum CBD, cooling menthol crystals, aloe vera, hempseed oil, and a blend of anti-inflammatory essential oils.

This lotion’s special formulation of organic CBD and therapeutic ingredients packs the perfect punch to knock out targeted pain in common problem areas such as lower back, knees, and shoulders/neck. When applied topically, CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors on the skin and can provide localized symptom relief.

Looking for something a little stronger? Our transdermal Cosmec Salve penetrates deep into the tissue layers to reach inflammation that may occur away from the top layers of the skin. Transdermal products work by going through the layers of the skin and into the bloodstream, allowing the effects the product to reach further your body. Our salve also utilizes emu oil to help cannabinoids absorb easier into the layers of the skin, which may allow users faster and more effective symptom relief compared to topical products.

So hike a little longer, reach for the highest apples, and pick the biggest pumpkin you can carry. No matter what you do this fall, Relēf CBD is there to help get you through it and keep you feeling great.

What Our Customers Say About Relēf CBD

Slide "For the past year, I have been using the Muscle Rescue for my neck and nerve pain after having ACDF surgery, and after recently being diagnosed with COPD, I have been rubbing this on my chest. I have found myself not having to use my inhalers quite as often, and I have felt my nerve pain in my neck/ shoulder area start to dissipate a lot more since using the 1,000mg lotion." ROBIN U. Slide “As usual, Jalita was there to help me with her great customer service!” joan h. Slide "Great company, great service!"
Healthy roots medicine
Slide "This stuff works!! I’ve seen it work magic dozens of times.
Highly recommend."
jordan b.
Slide "I was given a sample of the peppermint oil tincture by a friend, and I have not been able to stop raving about it since! The first time I used it I took some before bed and truly had the best nights sleep I have ever had. I have used it for sleep, migraines, and anxiety, and have always had consistent and positive results. Not only are the products high quality and effective, but the staff are incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and accommodating."
Alyssa h.
Slide “Relef always takes care of me and my business needs, superior customer service always!” Jose Chacon,
Stretch Moves Holistic Wellness
Slide "Great staff, excellent support, and nothing but understanding. Love this place!!!" jon b. Slide "Always a great experience, awesome people, awesome products!! I’m someone who deals with chronic pain. Just about everyday I have pain somewhere, I’ve been fighting this for 30 years. I’ve tried every kind of pain management out there. Their 1:1 [Relax] Hemp oil is unbelievable!! This oil is designed for people with pain, it helps the pain and helps you relax!! This has truly given me back a big part of my life!"
rhonda m.
Slide "Great products, price, and customer service!"
Sarah j.
Slide “Jalita was very helpful and patient on the phone. Her time was greatly appreciated.” ruth h. Slide “Great products and very easy to process order.” thomas c.
There’s never been a better time to focus on your personal health and wellness.
Let us help you along the way.

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