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Boost Your Recovery with Boost Powder

The arrival of spring and summer brings warmer weather, longer days, and more time outside with increased activity. This means more gardening, runs, walks, hikes, or even just sitting out and enjoying your morning coffee in the sun.

With all this movement you might find yourself a little sore and achy–heck if you’re working out hard maybe even a lot sore! Nothing can put a damper on a sunny day like creaking knees and aching backs.

Before you reach for that trusty bottle of anti-inflammatories, why not try an all-natural alternative? With only four (100% organic!) ingredients, our CBD Boost Drink Powder could be the perfect addition to your daily routine. Plus it easily mixes into your morning coffee, afternoon smoothie, or even a meal!

CBD + Recovery

Each serving of this tasteless powder boasts 10mg of nano-enhanced CBD. What is nano-enhanced? Basically, they are smaller particles for better, faster absorption throughout the body (a.k.a bioavailability). All the benefits of traditional CBD but in a scientifically advanced package.

From personal experience, mixing Boost into my morning coffee has made my workout recovery so much faster. All the muscle soreness that used to last for days after a hard workout seems to dissipate after a few hours.

The 5-mile runs and hour-long spin classes that used to leave me shuffling for the next few days no longer derail the rest of my week’s workouts. Even on my off days, Boost has become a daily staple for the added digestive benefits from blue agave inulin and acacia fiber.

Relef CBD CBD Boost Drink Powder

And, due to its higher bioavailability, 1mg of our nano-enhanced powder is equal to about 5mg of traditional CBD oil. That means it may offer the same symptom relief as our CBD tinctures in a smaller dose that’s tasteless and easy-to-mix.

Did I mention you can also combine the Boost Powder with any of our other products for an extra dose of relief?

If you’re a fan of fitness or outdoor adventures like me, we recommend one of our CBD topicals to help reduce targeted pain and inflammation even faster. Whether you’re trying to support workout recovery or prepping for long days outdoors, give your body a Boost!

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